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You Are Not Crazy

Updated: May 17, 2019

I don't know about you but the last month or so has been pretty intense. I'm not an astrologer, but supposedly mercury was in retrograde which means that anything that can go wrong, will. My family and I live on a goat dairy, and in the last month we have had 2 trucks break down, our water heater go bezerk, employees quit, and nervously wondering as to whether or not we were going to receive our fire insurance claim check (we had to evacuate last year because of an enormous forest fire). We are managing to hobble along as we slowly chip away at all the obstacles and challenges.

But there was more to this month than normal. I hit a level of grief and overwhelm that was really unusual for me. I was feeling completely exhausted, numb and prone to outburst of really intense crying - the kind where your face just screws up into a ball and you just shake and sob uncontrollably.

Not only was I experiencing the grief and overwhelm while trying to keep our dairy going with almost no help, a friend of 25 years of mine sent me the most random and bizarre text. Out of the blue she told me she had been really sick and was going in for a blood transfusion in the next hour or so and that the cause of it was linked to an autoimmune disorder. I asked her if the disorder was reversible. Apparently that was the wrong question and I have not heard from her since. In fact I don't know if she made it out of the hospital, or if she is still planning on me and my family to adopt her child if she should die prematurely. I guess I got crossed off her list!

Next, I get a message from a friend I had tried to reach out to in the midst of my overwhelm. She messages back that she fell down a flight of stairs while on her tour of Morocco (she gives guided package tours) and broke her wrist. She had to go into the hospital for surgery, get pins put in her wrist, and then continue on with her tour. I couldn't believe it.

Next thing I notice, two friends had posted on Facebook that they had fallen as well. One fell on her knee cap, the other fell on her face.

Ok, so all these events was making it VERY clear to me that something planetary was going on. I finally reached out to my fellow CCT Master Teacher and explained to her my overwhelm - the fatigue, the tense shoulders, the crying. I was even beginning to question my authenticity as an energy healer. She immediately responded and said she would love to talk over the phone.

Immediately she said, "Tania, you are not crazy. There is some seriously heavy planetary shift that is going on that is really intense. You're not the only one feeling this way." She continued to affirm how others, even top notch energy healing ninja masters were also having severe symptoms - numbness in their arms, tension in their chest. She mentioned to me that perhaps a new emotional body was coming in, although she was not quite sure, but assured me that the energies were beyond intense. She also didn't know how long it would last, but just to be gentle with myself. Rest. Take it easy. Don't judge it.

Her words were like a soothing balm to an open bleeding and achy wound. Before my conversation with her, I had done some CCT energy work on myself - mostly my heart, and also intuited that I needed to release some old energy paradigm beliefs that were holding me back in this grief. The next morning, I still felt exhausted, but at least I had found my center again and felt lighter and clearer than I did the day before - or even weeks before. I knew that speaking with my friend, and doing some serious energy work is what brought me back to a calm and composed center, and renewed inspiration for the work that I do.

I am sharing this all with you dear reader, that when you hit overwhelm out of the blue - when life just gets to be too much and you find yourself not feeling yourself, reach out. I had only wished I had reached out sooner, only because I really thought something was wrong with me! But once I was able to hear that I wasn't the only one going through this intense reaction to life in general, I felt comforted somehow that something planetary was going on. And one way to know that something planetary is shifting, your body will tell you - out of the blue you may be extremely sad, or mad, or actually physically hurt in some way that is not normal for you. My best advice is just to observe it, and if you want to help it shift more rapidly then get a CCT session - or better yet, take a CCT class and learn how to do it yourself. CCT is so powerful for navigating chaotic energies.

What causes these energy shifts? I can tell you that the earth is changing RAPIDLY. Poles are shifting which affects the electromagnetic fields that belong to us and the planet. Other planetary influences can cause huge energy shifts. Solar flares and magnetic storms are others. AND not to mention the wildly chaotic energy of mass consciousnsess and our own electromagnetic radiation that comes from our technology. We are expanding in awareness everyday. You can either resist it and be miserable, or go with the flow and keep yourself aligned to a bigger picture!

These are exciting times indeed, and NO you are NOT crazy.

In love and light, Tania

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