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Abstract Waves

Experience the Power of Sacred Geometry 

In Crystalline Consciousness Technique™,  Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers are used in sessions to clear energetic distortions from your energy field and bring coherence back to your energy body so that your intentions can manifest in a clear undisturbed way.  These shapes are found everywhere in nature.  They hold a tremendous amount of light and information for healing.

Here is your opportunity to receive CCT healing sessions with each of the Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers and anchor in the intentions you want to work with - whether that's for healing, transformation, or manifestation.


 Any aspect of your life can be addressed with the following healing meditations!

Simply go through this "Mini Healing Course" and take yourself through each of the following recordings.

Regular polyhedron with four faces. Tetrahedron.jpg

Pure Essence

Click here to receive a CCT session experiencing the Pure Essence Healing Chamber:

Pure Essence Session

Regular polyhedron with twelve faces. Dodecahedron.jpg


Click here to receive a CCT session experiencing the Creation Healing Chamber:

Creation Session

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