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Constellation Workshops

Healing Individuals, Families, and Groups

The only difference between a 1-1 Constellation session and a Constellation Workshop is that rather than the facilitator reading the fields for each individual representative within a family constellation, workshop participants actually step in as the representatives of your family constellation to work with the Knowing Field and exchange Healing Sentences.

Workshops are incredibly powerful in that you, as the client receiving the constellation, will be amazed at the accuracy and ability for "strangers" to be able to feel into and access information on what has happened and is happening in your family constellation.  Those that participate in your constellation also receive benefit in that they are able to expand their intuition and ability to feel at deep levels of their being.

Those that participate as representatives within a constellation, and those that  actually receive the constellation themselves experience healing and transformation.

Constellation workshops are deeply moving, cathartic, and life changing.

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