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Nature Constellations

In the intricate web of systemic and family constellations, a profound intersection with nature unfolds, revealing the interconnectedness between familial dynamics and the natural world: thus the creation of Nature Constellations.


This holistic approach acknowledges the parallels between the way families function and the intricate ecosystems that thrive in nature. Much like the delicate balance within a family system, ecosystems rely on interdependence and symbiosis. Systemic and family constellations draw inspiration from the inherent wisdom of nature, recognizing patterns, cycles, and the deep-rooted connections that govern both familial relationships and the ecosystems that sustain life. 


Through this lens, participants in constellations work may find insights by tapping into the organic intelligence that permeates both human relationships and the natural order. As we explore the echoes of nature within the dynamics of families, we gain a broader perspective on our place in the intricate dance of life, fostering a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness that binds us to both our human kin and the wider natural world.

In this space, we begin to heal the original core wound - our separation from nature with the world wide spread of colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, industrialism and Western Culture.


What is the benefit?

Acquire insights into how our actions, inaction, and attitudes resonate with various elements of nature—be it animals, plants, landscapes, entire ecosystems, or the planet itself—and observe their consequential impact.


Engage in understanding their perspectives, discerning their notions on desirable and undesirable occurrences. This exploration unveils a perspective distinct from our human-centered viewpoint, allowing us to appreciate what holds value for them, a departure from our typical anthropocentric stance.


Embrace the concept of being a member of the Earth Community, involving the recognition and contemplation of the perceptions, needs, values, and proposals of non-human entities sharing this life on Earth.


This holistic approach encourages us to extend our considerations beyond our individual or human-centered concerns to encompass the broader tapestry of non-human participants.

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*Six 90 minute 1-1 Constellation sessions - one session every two weeks

* Six 45 minute remote healing sessions every other week.

* Unlimited support via chat on WhatsApp for 3 months

* Handwriting Analysis, Soul Reading, and Transformational Handwriting training and a personalized daily practice to unlock fullest soul potential and rewire your subconscious so that you can manifest what it is you want in life.

* 6 New Earth Consciousness Sacred Geometry Soul Charts to anchor in your intentions into your energetic field for manifestation.

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