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Reignite Your Life

You are ready for the work

You realize there is nothing to lose

To fiercely dive into your shadows

And bring them into the Light of Love

Reclaim your Brilliance....

To All Women Who Desire To Live Fulfilled Lives

Dive deep into the Self and Reclaim the lost parts of yourself through Shamanic, Family, and Multidimensional Constellations Work.

In this 3 month container working with me 1-1, you will  receive uniquely crafted Constellations Sessions to address any aspect of your life where you are ready to experience positive change.

Perhaps you are desiring more passion and connection in your marriage/partnership.

Maybe you are tired of playing small and invisible, but you just cannot seem to access your voice.

You're stuck in a career that is not longer fulfilling, but you are struggling to find your purpose.

You have a vision burning inside of you that wants to be fully expressed, but your long term struggles around self doubt and lack of confidence keeps you from moving forward and taking action.

Perhaps you fear ridicule and failure if you really go for that one thing you've always wanted to pursue and accomplish.

Whatever it is that you want to reignite in your life, you and I will dive into and heal what is standing in the way - such as childhood wounding, sexual trauma and abuse, addiction, or ancestral traumas in held within your lineage - just to name a few.

In my years of practice I have witnessed women radically transform through this program.  In just 6 one on one sessions with me, their experience of themselves expands and what they are able to manifest falls beautifully into place.

Although it is very true that all of the answers lie within us, sometimes it takes a skilled healer to assist us in making that next quantum leap and to stop the spinning wheels in our lives.  

We were never designed to go the journey alone.

I bring a level of depth, insight, presence, and heart that will allow you to feel held, safe, and secure while allowing you to see what has been hidden in the dark and allow it to transmute into the light of awareness.


* 6 private 1-1 Constelltation sessions - one session every two weeks

* Unlimited support via chat on WhatsApp for 3 months

* 6 New Earth Soul Charts for faster manifesting of your desires

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