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Tree of Life Sessions

A Tree of Life Healing Session is powerful energy work that addresses any negative symptoms you are dealing with at core levels of your being, and is especially helpful with chronic issues.  What makes it different from a Transformative Healing Session is that it works with specific points located on your sacrum, which also correlate with the sacred geometric shape called the Tree of Life.  The session contains the Crystalline Consciousness Technique protocol, but also anchors in specific patterns and specific healing chambers to address your symptoms.  There are  different types of Tree of Life Healing Sessions: Physical, Mental/Emotional. Spiritual, Energetic, and Crystalline.  A Tree of Life Healing Session will last approximately between an hour and an hour and half, depending upon what is being called for. 

Within the the Tree of Life Healing Sessions, there is also a unique session called a Taproot Session.  This session works with the lower legs and feet to address issues of feeling ungrounded, vertigo, sciatica, restless leg, and even anxiety.  This session will reconnect you with Earth and will repair your taproot, or grounding cord, so that your body can stand in empowerment and receive more energy from Earth.  

Tree of Life Session



Tree of Life Healing Series

(receive all 5 Tree of Life Healing Sessions: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Crystalline)

$650 ($100 savings)

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