"Tania's energy healing sessions are truly deep and powerful AND she is an excellent teacher.  I highly recommend her."

- gia combs-ramirez, founder of Crystalline Consciounsess Technique


"In a single session, I was relieved from the pain I had been unable to heal otherwise.  Tania has a true gift for healing."

- Eve Russell, RN

"Thank you for completing that last phase of my journey I just went through!  God works in you!  I'm looking forward to this next phase!  I'm feeling like a new being, more and more in my skin or rather it's me in new skin.  Literally, I feel like a brand new baby!  Thank you."

-Joshua W.

"I have experienced immediate relief after having a session with Tania!  Whether it has been clarity in a decision or relief on a mental/emotional or physical session....I have a new sense of freedom and ease!!"

- Amy Hamilton, RN and CCT Master Teacher

"I have been lucky enough to work with Tania for several different issues in my life over the last few years and have always found our "work" to provide a gentle, gentle, gentle but POWERFUL and obvious lift to processes that were feeling heavy and in which I felt lost.  She has helped me create connection and flow on land that was burned in a wildfire, helped me connect with my dog over issues of aggression, and helped orient my body and mind toward a larger space in which to articulate, hold and allow large transitions to take place.  Tania's presence is so gentle but I have come to trust her amazing connection to an awareness of interconnections and the movement that creates. "

- Lucinda Tear, Energy Healer


"Hey Tania,
I keep meaning to tell you how awesome the session you gave me was. Really. Awesome. It completely changed my physical and energetic orientation with the earth. I've never felt ease in this way. Like a subtle struggle that was always going on that isn't happening anymore. Thank you for the very powerful work. I am so so curious to learn more. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you so much."  

- N. Chandwaney

"Tania is an incredible healer with tremendous sensitivity and wisdom.  She asks many questions to deeply understand a person's pain points, desires, and intentions.  She works gently with no judgment and offers invaluable, holistic guidance.  One feels safe and secure in her hands.  I have worked with Tania for nearly eight years and can confirm that she is one of the very best healers I know." - Nadia Y.S, Lawyer


"Just being in your presence, I feel conscious."

- Ahu Smith, Artist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor 

"We just recently moved to Washington state less than two years ago.  We lived in Colorado and decided to move when all the wildfires broke out there.  We came to Washington, and less than a year later wildfires broke out all around our house here as well.  Needless to say, I felt like I was being followed by an all-consuming enemy. My adrenals were given out.  After our wildfires here and the wildfires in Colorado, I was unable to move out of my fight or flight response.  Tania did a taproot session with CCT to move around the negative energy that kept me in constant panic nearly 24 hours a day, every day.  Tania listened to my words.  She really saw me and really heard my heart.   She was able to meet my immediate need for help.  Plain and simple.  Within minutes of our session, my whole body was rumbling and roaring just like a fire, but that fire inside me felt like healing, motivating fire, not the destruction of the past.  After spending an entire 3 months looking at the sky to determine whether to run or not, I was finally becoming grounded.  I was shooting out roots.  Thank you for my healing, Tania.  You have a gift AND know how to use it to help others.  I am blessed to have you in my life."

- Barbara Grubb, Business Owner

"I was diagnosed and treated for a very life-threatening type of cancer.  As I entered treatment Tania told me to try energy healing.  I explored this idea further, received energy healing session with Tania and with the help of a psychologist, who specialized in visualization, developed my personal healing images that without a doubt helped me through treatment and have kept me in remission for 9 years. Somewhat of a record for my type of cancer. I trust it completely .  Explore it.  It has worked for me."

- T. Jennings, Entrepreneur

"I want to share my deepest gratitude with you.  The day after our session I started to feel  significant shift.  I was cracking open and softening.  This was the best week I've had since Covid started.  You are a gift."

- A.H.

"I found out today that my cancer is completely gone.  As far as a CT scan can show.  Pretty remarkable as I started treatment only 5 months ago.  Know without a doubt that you have been such an important part part in that.  Even before this news my heart has been so full of joy because of our work together.  My gratitude for you and the gift you give is abundant and never ending!" 

- J.V.