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Transforming Your Relationship To Money



It's a part of life whether you like it or not.  We all want abundance.  We all want to have money in the bank for our needs and for play.  We all want to feel financially secure.

It's on everyone's mind these days, especially in these times of tremendous chaos and uncertainty.

Each one of us have our own unique relationship with money, whether that's positive, negative, or neutral.


It's all energetic.

For some they have the Midas touch.  For others, it's a miserable struggle.

Believe it or not, you carry money beliefs within your subconscious that do not even belong to you and are running your money show.  They come from your family of origin and your ancestral lineage.


For many years I adopted my father’s attitude toward money in that it is the root of all evil.  To be spiritual, one had to stay away from desiring money. So in my younger adult years I stayed away from it.  I even labored for free for 2 years in an ashram teaching, cooking, doing graphic design, cleaning for only room and board. I was afraid to even want it. I could never understand how it really worked.  So I just avoided it altogether.

For my mother, there was always lack.  Never enough.  She needed money to feel secure.  As a woman she was taught that in order to have money she needed to marry well – not create it for herself.  She eventually broke that pattern and became financially very wealthy, but it cost her two marriages.  She also believed you have to work really really hard for money.  I mean really hard, to the point where stress caused her great illness.


After I became a mother, I realized very quickly that money was indeed important, now that I had another life to support.  I also wasn’t willing to just get a regular job.  I wanted money to come to me via my passions and my gifts. I wanted to live by my values. But, I also started to turn towards working REALLY REALLY hard and not asking for help.

One day I drew a line in the sand and declared I was not longer going to accept scarcity in my life.

And that's when I came upon Family Constellations.


After doing constellation work for myself around releasing the money beliefs from my parents, creating a daily practice of visualization and affirmation, I have been able to discover that my relationship with money is unique and nothing like my parent’s beliefs.


I became clear that money is not evil.  I do not have to slave away working myself to the bone to acquire it or be considered worthy enough to receive it.


Money can come to me by sharing my gifts with the world.  It can be a playful experience, allowing it to flow in and out of my life, always spiraling upwards into greater levels of coherence and expression.

I can enjoy the journey.


Money can be used to create good in the world.  It can be used to express deeper and more spiritual values.  It can be the vehicle through which we can bring our ideas into form and express our purpose.

If you are ready to step out of struggle, confusion, exhaustion, and strife around your relationship with money, I want to invite you to a 3 part Family Constellation Series that is going to release all that gunk around money from your system:

  • Clear your money blocks in your matriarchal lineage.

  • Clear your money blocks in your patriarchal lineage.

  • Detach from the Old Money Paradigm.  Establish your connection with the New Earth Money Paradigm. (This one is my favorite since we need to start anchoring in a more supportive, nurturing, generative system for new forms of money.  And when we start doing it on the individual level, it will begin to show up in the collective!  Remember, the transition into New Earth Consciousness starts from within and doing our own transformative work!)

  • Free Bonus: Manifesting in the New Earth Energies Workshop


With Family Constellations, I dive into the Knowing Field where all information is easily accessible through an intuitive, organic, and spontaneous process.


By anchoring in and speaking healing sentences, we can shift out of the money blocks and distorted patterns we have inherited from our parents and beyond and create our own paradigm and relationship to money in a way that reflects who we truly are and what we are here to do on the planet during this lifetime.

After these three series, you'll have a much deeper understanding about what you desire your relationship to money to look like.  You'll have a way to orient yourself in the world and understand your own energetics around how to have money flow into and out of your life in a way that feels true, generative, and nurturing to you.


Normally a 3 session package to work with me 1-1 would cost $477.  


But for this special offer, you can book all three 1-1 sessions with me for only $325!


(By the end of March, the price for this 3 session package will go up to $444.)


Each session lasts for 1 hour and is conducted over zoom and recorded for you to keep.


Family Constellations work has the power to work at the Soul level – which is beyond the level of the mind.  After receiving the work, your life will begin to shift and evolve into new ways of being, thinking, and experiencing.

A three part healing series.

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