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New Earth Energy Paradigm - What is it?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Explaining the shift of 2012 and what's next.

There a lot of talk about "new paradigm". We are definitely transitioning out of the old energy paradigm which is defined by power over others, lack, patriarchy, environmental degradation, war, poverty, domination, etc. We are definitely DONE with all of that! Right???? Just saying the words "new paradigm" or what I like to say "the New Earth Energies" makes me want to jump for joy and say SIGN ME NOW!

Did you know you have a Crystalline Energy System? It's here now and available to every one of you.

But what are the New Earth Energies and why do we want to be connected with them?

The Crystalline Energy System

In the 1980's, there was a wave of new souls that were called indigos, rainbow children, starseeds. I like to call the the Crystallines. They incarnated on earth with a new energy system called the Crystalline Energy System. Back when I was teaching in the 1990's I definitely was aware and noticed how "different" these children were. They appeared to process information much more quickly. They were much more aware of energy dynamics and relationships and even the origin of their starry homes. They are much more independent and don't subscribe to the usual paradigm of authority. They are here to change the dynamics of what is happening on the planet into a version that is more productive and more in alignment with Earth herself.

Many people are not aware that the Earth is her own consciousness. She is an entity all unto herself and she is rapidly evolving as well. She is shifting very quickly from the electromagnetic energy system to the crystalline energy system. In fact, the crystalline grids are already in place.

Why do we want a crystalline energy system and why is it here now? Well, the earth is ready for full transformation and she needed a system that could hold much more light, vibration and information so that she AND us could evolve to the next level. The electromagnetic energy system just had too many hang ups - an overload of energy easily blew out circuitry in our energy bodies. And it's wobbly now - the earth poles are shifting. The sun is spewing out solar storms and solar flares which can topple our balance. With the Crystalline Energy System and by using Crystalline Consciousness Technique we can learn to navigate these Earth changes with greater ease and grace. In fact we can now fully step into our power and our purpose, live from joy, and experience greater levels of abundance.

It's an exciting time to be alive! And what is even more exciting to me is that we now have CCT - a new energy healing modality with tools and techniques - to move ourselves forward in alignment with Earth!!!

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