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Exiting the Matrix

Something deep is brewing.

It is a call back to our True Nature.

As the layers peel back and continue to reveal the wretched underbelly of the Old Paradigm, power over, scarcity, and patriarchy, an inner light is shining through.

The light of SIMPLICITY.





Since the recent unusual activity of the Schumann resonance and the July full moon, I have felt a significant profound shift. For me personally, I have felt a loud voice within me say "ENOUGH! You're trying too hard!" which came with some serious emotional purging of old baggage.

This voice said "ENOUGH!" of the loudness of the world and "ENOUGH" with my constant state of doing. Enough of the literal cacophony on social media. The grasping after money and wealth. The inflation. The media. The not enough-ness that gets shoved down our throats on a daily basis.

My soul yearns for true and meaningful engagement connection - something that cannot really be had on social media. My soul yearns for real conversations that take deep dives into exploring our vulnerability, our heart's yearnings, and weaving together energies that carry us towards a greater wholeness.

I live in a very wild and rural place. There are no stop lights here. No Starbucks. No Walmarts. No big name chains of any kind. It's entirely a mom and pop kind of valley, with the exception of one Chevron station, and an Ace Hardware store.

I am fortunate to live in a place where the noise is much less. In fact the wifi here is so bad that only up until 2 months ago was I able to get decent wifi through Starlink. Previous to that it was extremely difficult to stream anything or have zoom calls. I don't have cable t.v. or watch movies. Only rarely when my son wants to have a "family movie night". I have grown so sensitive and attuned to nature that when I do watch any kind of movie, I feel like I have pigged out on a bowl of Pringles or some other kind of empty "food" that doesn't nourish. It just doesn't feel right.

Throughout my life I have had intimate and extraordinary encounters in nature. Rare communions pointing towards something completely different - towards something that the Old Paradigm doesn't wish us to experience - and that is a profoundly intimate connection with one another and other species: dolphins, bees, birds, trees, the moon..... I am talking about direct communications. Not just musings or fantasies of connection. I am talking about being in a state of consciousness that is very similar to what the movie Avatar was illustrating.

Nature is waiting for us to awaken. She wants so much to engage with us. She wants us to feel her. She wants us to speak to her. She wants us to engage with her. She wants to hold us and love us.

With the acceleration of time, technology, and consciousness shifting, I feel that those who are ready, are being called to really step out of the Matrix and into New Earth Consciousness.

The name "New Earth Consciousness" came to be about 11 years ago. When it landed I knew it was something big. I also knew that I had a lot to learn about it and I had a lot of inner work to do.

For the last 3 years this draw towards Nature is simply getting stronger and stronger. So much so, that my inner structures are unraveling. I cannot hold onto anything I thought I had acquired in the Old Paradigm.

I am being asked to psychically, spiritually, and soulfully surrender to Her.

I have been practicing and studying Family Constellations work for the past 2 years with great success. Clients working with me have amazing results. I truly felt that I had found my modality. And I still do, but as time continued I was curious if family constellations work could be applied to our relationship with Nature. Could it be possible? I wondered.

And as you know, the Universe is always responding to our thoughts! Quickly thereafter I discovered that there are a few family constellations facilitators around the world doing groundbreaking work in applying family constellations work to nature and facilitating "nature constellations". Each practitioner is doing it in a variety of ways. Now this got my attention! THIS is the direction in which my soul wants to move and the work I want to do with clients.

All my life, even as a young child, I loved being in nature. I always felt drawn to animals, plants, and people....anything to do with Nature's creation. I always knew and felt that she carried a wisdom that went beyond anything we were ever "taught". I always knew that within her creation are messages and clear instructions for us.

As we move closer and closer to New Earth Consciousness, we are being asked to surrender completely to ourselves. This surrender requires a letting go of ALL attachments. All attachments to any kind of identity.

This surrender is all about going within and realizing that there is NOTHING you lack. Everything you have is within you. Nature holds you. Nature knows your joy. Nature points the way back to your essence which has nothing to do about identity or anything you do. It has nothing to do with your career, money, roles, or acquisition of any kind.

You have a divine soul blueprint designed to live in harmony with nature. Your BODY holds the blueprint. Your body is an incredible mind blowing living breathing creation that contains all the codes that you need to live your fullest and most beautiful life. You are designed to create experiences that bring you ever closer to your fullness, our expansion, your growth.

You are here to evolve and express yourself as fully as you can. You are here to create, contribute, and be in your joy. When you engage with tools that strip away the programs of the Old Paradigm that have been superimposed upon you, you begin to discover a new consciousness that has a grace and a subtlety that goes beyond words.

Don't be surprised that as you go deeper into this soul journey at this time that you find yourself being more quiet, more creative and expressive, and less tolerant of "junk". You may find that your body craves simplicity and healthy pleasures. You may find that certain people fall out of your life. You may find yourself laughing more, worrying less, and trusting your journey more than every before.

I know that this is what I am discovering for myself - a deeper creativity and voice that wants to express and expand itself. More light language. More dance. More belly laughs. More meditation. More nature immersion. More making love. More affection. More presence. More peace.

This is the true abundance. This is where you get to be free. This is where you experience your immortal being. This is reclamation.

Nature holds the key. Your body is nature. Your soul is nature. Your home is nature. This is where you belong.

Are you ready to join me? Are you ready to return to the Garden of Eden? The Paradise Realm? It's truly beyond anything you have ever experienced before and is waiting for you. Turn towards it and embrace it fully. You'll discover and unending well of joy, true empowerment, inner peace, and wealth.

Let us begin to celebrate in the small moments. Let us walk away from all that we KNOW is not holy or sacred. Allow life, which is Nature's gifts to us, to live through us. Open the channels. Let go. The greatest adventure of your life is about to begin.

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Joy Gabriel
Joy Gabriel
Aug 06, 2023

Well said and thank you for the confirmation. I have been all about talking to plants, trees, birds .deeply listening to their messages and oh such joy .. its new. I use to walk right by them with a simple smile, now they are rewriting how I hold presence and be. Yay you and Gaia xo


Michelle S
Michelle S
Jul 09, 2023

❤🧡💛💚💙 read until the end

Thanks Tania

Keep shining ✨️


nancy pfeiffer
nancy pfeiffer
Jul 08, 2023

This is exactly what I needed and yearned for. Your words are my truth. I was unable to fall back asleep and here you are. I'm feeling what you are expressing. Thank you from the deepest place within my heart Tonia.

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