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New Earth Consciousness

Unleash Your Inner Radiance

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Tania Gonzalez Ortega,
Transformation Guide & Healer
Founder, New Earth Consciousness

Tania's  journey with energy healing began when she encountered a healing crisis during a kundalini awakening that happened in her mid twenties.  The awakening was a shock to her system and the only thing that helped her find a way through was energy healing with Reiki and CCT. The deeper she went into energy healing, the more she woke up to her true self as an awakened multidimensional being.  Tania was able to  connect with worlds beyond this dimension, and tapped into potentials that she can now share with others in the sessions that she gives.

Tania uses CCT in all one on one energy healing sessions for individuals, families, animals, and businesses. She also teaches CCT and Reiki classes to anyone interested in healing/transforming themselves and/or others.  These sessions activate your own healing abilities within your crystalline energy system to heal and transform at profound levels.  

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