Sessions and Classes


Private CCT Session

In your private one on one session,  I will work with you to identify core issues.  Together we will create powerful intentions to work with during your CCT session to heal and release stuck energy patterns for profound transformation.  In person sessions are hands on.  Long distance sessions are done over the phone or skype.



A Tower of Stones


Self Healing - 

CCT Personal Levels 1 & 2

In this 2 day class you will learn the CCT protocol and how to apply it in your own life for personal well being, health and transformation.  Includes manual and Sacred Geometry cards.



Forest Trees

Express Your Purpose

In this 1 day online class you will learn energy tools and techniques to connect to the power of your life purpose and channel your creative energies so that YOU can express and receive your unique gifts.  




Discovering the Map of Transformation

This is a 2 weekend training in CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2.  Completing this program will certify you as a Crystalline Consciousness Technique Practitioner.  You will be able to perform session not only on yourself, but others as well as learn how to apply CCT to groups.




Integrating the Crystalline Body

This is a 3 day in person class where you will learn 2 new CCT protocols:  Tree of Life Healing Sessions and Healing the Tap Root Sessions.  These sessions work with the energies held within the sacrum to unlock health and well begin on all levels.




Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

Arising to Crystalline Consciousness is a class designed to fully integrate Crystalline Consciousness into your being.  This class unlocks the next 4 CCT Soul Charts, advanced techniques, and the advanced Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers.



Woman Hugging Dog

Animal Communication and Healing

This is a 90 minute session where I will communicate with your pet, asking your questions and receiving their communications.  Session also include a healing for your animal or yourself.




Children's Sessions

Is your child having behavioral and/or emotional issues and you haven't been able to help them?  In this 90 minute session, we will address your concerns about your own child and apply CCT to shift energy patterns for health and well being.




Reiki Training

Levels 1 and 2

This is a 2 day in-person training.  You will learn basic and advanced techniques of Reiki healing, it's history and use.  You will receive 3 attunements and learn how to use 3 Reiki symbols.  Learn how to heal yourself and others as well as animals.   Master the art of distance healing and mental/emotional healing.