Private Sessions

Private one on one sessions can happen in person or long distance via phone or Zoom.  


In a private session, we will discuss your intentions for receiving a session whether it's addressing physical, mental or spiritual issues.  Through dialogue and muscle testing, we will hone in on exactly what lies at the core of the problem and through the use of CCT and/or Reiki work with your powerful intentions to create positive transformation in your life.  


In person, sessions happen while you lie fully clothed on a massage table and through the placing of my hands on certain parts of your body you will receive the energy shifts that are necessary for you at that time.  Most recipients report feelings of deep relaxation, inner peace, stress reduction, and healing.  You may feel different sensations throughout your body at any given time, indicating the energy shifts that are happening for you.


Long distance healings are done over the phone, or Zoom.  We will discuss what it is you seek to transform in your life and as an in person session, we will define your intentions.  Then you will be asked to lie down comfortably where you will not be disturbed or distracted and I will conduct the session.  Long distance session are equally as powerful as an in person session.  You will receive the full benefits of energy healing as if you were physically present.


1 hour sessions:  $120

90 minute sessions:  $180

(includes Soul Chart Work)