New Earth Healing Sessions


I invite you to hold nothing back.


I want to hear everything that is not working in your life.  I want to hear your deepest desires.  I want to know what it is you want to experience in your life and what you want to manifest.

You are in a safe space here.

You are held sacred.


You are welcome to dive as deep as you want into any area of your life and discover who you really are.


We can dive into health issues, emotional issues, depression, trauma, relationship issues, financial issues, spiritual issues....


We can address all these things by identifying what it is you TRULY want.

Align you back to your core essence.  In your flow.  In the space of your beautiful heart.

Perhaps you want vibrant health, inner peace, the relationship of your dreams, financial abundance, freedom, deeper connection, self love, joy....


I will bring the magic of CCT, Family Constellations work, my spiritual gifts of clarivoyance, clairaudience, clairgnosis, intuition, and CCT Soul Chart work to facilitate your quantum leap forward.

This work is powerful.  Receiving just one session will transform you at a very deep level. 

I guarantee you will feel different.

More expanded.



At peace.

Anything is possible.  Energy is everything.

You life can shift in a single moment.

Choose at what level you'd like to work with me!




Receive a one hour CCT Energy Healing Session or Tree of Life Session.  We will discuss what is coming up for you and formulate powerful intentions to direct the healing towards what it is you want to bring into your life.  

Go one step deeper and receive one hour of energy healing plus CCT Soul Chart Work.  CCT Soul Chart work is powerful energy work.  The charts work with your Crystalline Energy System and Crystalline Consciousness.  These charts can address health issues, personal issues,  relationships issues, family issues, or any other complex situation that involves many factors.  The Soul Charts can also be used for your creative projects, business and organization.

Go even deeper and receive a CCT/Family Constellation Session and Soul Chart Work.  My CCT/Family Constellation Sessions dive deep into the Unified Field of Consciousness where with my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairgnosis, you will receive detailed and specific information as to what is exactly going on with the issues you desire to address (there are no limits!)  We will anchor in powerful intentions and after our session, I will take the information I have received from the Family Constellation work and use CCT Soul Chart work to allow Crystalline Consciousness to work towards your intent.

Healing Packages

Transformative Power of 3

3 one hour sessions plus CCT Soul Chart Work


(savings of $111!)

One Year : 1 on 1 

If you are at a point in your life where you are absolutely ready to radically change your life in every way possible, gain valuable tools, one on one healing sessions and coaching, then this is the package for you!

You'll receive:


Discovering the Map of Transformation online CCT class

(and become a Certified CCT Practitioner!)  

Expressing Your Purpose class 

90 minute one on one sessions each month.

Plus 1 hour of astrology with Fernanda Falcao Minh (my personal astrologer who is AMAZING!)

Receive all this for a cost of


Payment plan available upon request.

Please email: