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Mastering Relationships

I asked the question in Facebook yesterday, "What does relationship mean to you?

I got SO many different responses!

Some said love laughter, comfort, connection, safety.

Others said sadness, frustration, pain...

One eve posted an emoji of a hurricane! LOL!

The truth is all of these experiences do exist within relationship.

The dictionary definition of relationship is:

  1. a connection, association, or involvement

  2. connection between persons by blood or marriage

  3. an emotional or other connection between people

  4. a sexual involvment; affair

I would say most people associate the word relationship with a romantic partner. This is only one type of relationship within the kaleidoscope of possibilities.

For example there are:



individual/ family

family unit/ extended family


friend/ enemy






relationship with money

relationship with career

relationship to Life Purpose

relationship to shame, guilt, fear, depression, sadness....

relationship to peace, contentment, love

I could keep going, but you get the idea.

You are not an island. No one is.

Being human on this planet by definition and conditions set forth by the Creator means you were born into relationship. In fact, it took some ind of relationship for you to incarnate...even if you were a test tube baby.

So there are 2 types of relationships. Relationships that create harmony, growth and healing and relationships that create distortion, chaos and destruction.

Relationships are a powerful container for transformation either way. They act as a mirror as your triggers and hidden wounds come up for you to face and heal. How one responds to those triggers can make or break any type of relationship.

What happens all to often is that the other person with whom you are in relationship with does something that triggers you - they something in the wrong way, they are always late/early, they never relax or are too lazy, they left the milk out on the counter for the umpteenth time. They trigger our fears and worries and can bring up feelings of abandonment, not being seen or heard, anger, jealousy....

Triggers make us jump to conclusions or resort to reaction rather than response. We can hear ourselves saying things like "They never listen to what I say." "They don't pay attention to my needs." "They don't care about how I feel." And so the projection, manipulation, and sabotage of the relationship begins.

This usually drives people into therapy when nothing that they try seems to shift or change anything. They spend literally hundreds and thousands of dollars to TALK ad nauseam about their issues to a professional.

They key to transforming relationships does not begin within the realm of theories, ideas or words. Those are just finger pointing to the moon. So although it can help to name the problems and the feelings behind those problems, but the energy doesn't shift by talking about it.

To transform a relationship you have to shift the energy first. And in the work that I do, we work at the quantum level within the Crystalline Field of Consciousness to shift stuck patterns and configurations that are keeping a relationship out of harmony.

If you want your partner (or child, or parent, or whatever, but for now let's just focus on partner relationships) to change you have to change and transform first.

If your partner's negativity trigger you, ask yourself where are YOU being negative in your life. Change the negativity within yourself, find a new level of being and expression and by just being THAT your energy body emits a higher frequency and more resonant vibration out into the field or container of the relationship. Your partner will feel and notice this shift in you which then arrives as an invitation for them to shift. They may or may not take the invitation. That part is out of your hands, but at least you have transformed yourself and if the relationship is mean to continue, they too will transform to meet you at the same level.

Now of course in relationship there are a variety of balls being lobbed back and forth. And sometimes there is a huge rock in the way, and the rock just needs to get moved out of the picture for clearer energy communication to be experienced back and forth.

So what I love about CCT and Family Constellations work in combination to address relationship issues is that we can get to the core negative belief systems, whether inherited or created, release distortions and negative geometric configurations, release past trauma, gain new insights and awareness, shift the energy dynamic at the quantum level within the field of the relationships and align it to the Golden Spiral of Transformation so that the energy patterns that the relationship is creating are sacred (hence sacred geometry!)

When a relationship is in dysfunction and disharmony, its fields are chaotic and disorganized and quite frankly not only draining to the two people in the relationship, but also to everyone else that exists in the concentric circles inn contact with the relationship.

Think of Masaru Emoto's work with water molecules. If you're not familiar with his work, go here: .

So our reality is extremely malleable which means our capacity to shift and transform is at a whole new level and this applies to relationships! We now have tools and techniques that provide solutions so that we can experience REAL results and get beyond "talking about it"!!!!

We are water beings with crystalline water structures in our bodies which hold light, vibration and information. CCT works with this system and so I hope you can see where I am getting at. When we shift and radiate a new frequency in our relationships, the other has an amazing opportunity to come into resonance with you. That is the beauty of working with energy. Energy vibrates and things naturally want to move towards coherence.

If you'd like to work one on one with me, you can schedule your first session here and let's get to the real root of the problem and bring your relationship into harmony:

First time clients will receive a 10 dollar rebate! (Simply message me with the phrase CCT2021 when you sign up for the session.)

I also have a whole new program called Mastering Relationships. It includes one 90 minute intake session where you and I will spend time one on one going over the present challenges and also tune into desired outcomes. You will also receive a total of 8 CCT Soul Charts which will help you and your partner to:

1. Become Masters of Transformation Soul Chart

2. Balance Transformation Patterns Soul Chart

3. Synchronize Timing to Improve the Relationship Soul Chart

4. Receive Appropriate Support during a Transformation Cycle Soul Chart

5. Release Negative Karma from Past Lives Soul Chart

6. Shift from being a Soul Task Relationship to a Soul Purpose Relationship Soul Chart

7. "I See You" Release Projections Soul Chart

8. Harmonize Your Crystalline Energy Systems to Create Sacred Geometry Soul Chart.

You will also receive a total of 4 Family Constellation Sessions (45 minutes each) which will:

  1. Balance the Masculine and Feminine in the relationships

  2. Release Shame and Guilt

  3. Release Sexual Trauma

  4. Heal and open the Heart

The cost for this amazing in depth program is $1008.

Payment plans available upon request! Again just shoot an email to and tell me you are interested and I will get you signed up and started!

Let bring LOVE onto the planet through our relationships and get this party started!!!

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