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Living your life purpose - it's not what you think

There seems to be a lot of talk and books and programs these days about finding your life purpose, living your life purpose....and for those who don't think they are in their life purpose or who are struggling to find it can feel absolutely miserable. I am here to tell you there are a lot of misconceptions about what life purpose actually is. I will talk about what people think it is, what it isn't, and what life purpose actually is.

First of all, many people think of life purpose as being a final destination. Many people feel that once you magically find your life purpose, you have arrived - there is no more searching, no more struggle, and life becomes eternally blissful. Somehow life purpose has to come with the perfect alignment of the stars, and if you are late to that predestined cosmic event, you have missed it and are fucked until the next life.

Sometimes, people think that life purpose has to do with an occupation, or a career. I call this attachment to form. So not only do you have to figure out what you life purpose is, you have to find a job or a career that exists at this time on the planet that matches that purpose. So you may think your life purpose is to be an artist, a doctor, and accordion player, a healer. And it most certainly does not include professions such as waiting tables, house cleaning, garbage collection, or any other host of laborious jobs that are necessary but that no one wants to do. So if you are someone that happens to be in fast food, being the check out lady at the grocery store, etc. you may get caught in the erroneous belief that you are not in your life purpose and therefore a "loser". Believe me, I know how that feels. For years I worked in boring retail jobs and wiped poopy butts for a living (I use to run a home day care) - and it always felt like I was not good enough, or I was wasting my life. I always seemed to carry around shame that I was doing work that no one else wanted to do, and that frankly people pitied me- the poor fool. If only I could find and manifest my life purpose, then my life would magically become a field of blissful wildflowers with my pocket book overflowing with cash.

Well, I am here to bust your bubble folks. Life purpose has nothing to do with your job or career or what you do for a living. That's not to say your life purpose cannot be expressed through your dream job. It can. What I am trying to say, is that it is not the job or title or position itself.

Life purpose is also not a destination. You never arrive. You will be transforming for the rest of eternity, whether you are on this side of the veil or the other, whether you decide to come back to the planet or not.

And if you have no idea what your life purpose is, I promise you are not screwed. Allow yourself to process some of the information here that's been given you. What brings you joy and meaning? That's your purpose! And if that doesn't quite quench your thirst for knowing, there is a solution (coming at the end of this!)

So what is life purpose really?

Life purpose is so much bigger and much grander and much more mystical and divine. In fact I don't think we could ever fully comprehend our life purpose. The Divine Creator created us each as a wholly unique person, and guess is our purpose. My life purpose will never match anyone else's. How my life purpose expresses itself will never be matched or carried out by any other one of the billions of people that are here on the planet. Your life purpose is as unique as your fingerprint.

Your life purpose has so much more to do with HOW you live your life than WHAT you do. So for example, if your life purpose is to express compassion, then whether you are a preschool teacher or a supreme court judge, compassion is at the core of how you approach life. Or perhaps your purpose is beauty, then verily you may express beauty through being an artist (a specific expression) or perhaps your actions and words express beauty while you are sweeping the floor of your home.

When you are in your life purpose, there is a flow to life. You are in your power, creativity, joy. Life is inspiring, uplifting and full of meaning. Synchronicities happen more often. You meet the right people, find the right information at the right time, find yourself in the right place. It's like the universe mirrors back to you "You go! You are hooked up with your life purpose and I am backing you up!".

When you fall out of life purpose, you can feel drained, uninspired, bored. Life feels like a chore. Perhaps you feel depressed or maybe even angry that things aren't "going your way". So ultimately how you feel is a pretty good indicator of whether or not you are in alignment with your life purpose. Also when you are in your life purpose, you are able to fully receive your gifts - which could be clear intuition, creativity, strength, clarity, etc. The list is endless when it comes to gifts.

The only drawback of being in your life purpose, is that it can feel lonely. You may be looking from side to side to see who will join you, and alas no one will ever come. Why? Because no one, and I mean NO ONE can live your life purpose but you. However, many people will benefit from your unique gifts, including you.

Good news is, I have an "energy app" called Crystalline Consciousness Technique that hooks you up to your own magical, unique, amazing life purpose. I teach a class called "Expressing Your Life Purpose" and you can find info about it here: This class will teach you how to remove energy blocks to creativity, to flow, and inspiration. It will lead you through a wonderful meditation that will help you discover what your life purpose is. Using the techniques in this class will allow you to get more done in less time, block out energetic overwhelm and distraction, keep you aligned with joy. It increases intuition and synchronicity as well. It's like getting out of a clunky old car, and getting into an awesome new hybrid, or even a self driving car that protects your life purpose, keeps you in your life purpose, and gives you and the energy to move forth.

In love and light, Tania

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