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Now is the time for you to be connected to your Soul Blueprint and

live and express your purpose!


When we are connected to our Soul Blueprint and co-creating with it, we will experience joy, inspiration, and creativity in whatever we do in our life whether it is washing dishes or creating a mural!  In this 1-day webinar CCT class you will learn a simple and easy to use 6 step protocol that supports you in the following ways:



-Heal any energy blocks surrounding your creativity

-Help you tune out chaos so that you can focus on your creative projects

-Protect you from sensory overwhelm

-Get into your creative flow

-Heighten your intuition and hear your own creative voice

-Manifest and accomplish more with less

-Connect you with the power of your Soul Blueprint

-Take Co-Creative Action with your Soul Blueprint in Alignment with Earth


In this class you will learn:

How to connect to your Soul Blueprint

How to work with your 3 creative energy centers

Create Laser Focus with your Electromagnetic Energy Fields

Open to Higher Levels of Creativity

Configure your Creativity with the 5 Facets of Creativity

Take Co-Creative Action with your Soul Blueprint

The CCT 6 step Expressing Your Purpose protocol

In this class you will receive:

The Healing Creative Energy Meditation

The Discovering Your Soul Blueprint Meditation

Expressing Your Purpose Energy Activation

Expressing Your Purpose Manual

Sacred Geometry Card Deck

Cost: $333

Contact me to get on the waiting list for up and coming classes!

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