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Crystalline Families

CCT Class

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Family Unwrapping

Would you like to connect with your children in a more profound way?

Would you like to create more harmony and ease within your home?

Would you like to learn how to create fields of protection for you and your family?

Would you like to discover your child's unique purpose and gifts and how to receive them?

Would you like to learn how to provide energy healing for yourself and others?

The Crystalline Families CCT Class is a really fun and powerful 5 day online webinar class spread over 3 weekends where you will learn about the Crystalline Children and what makes them special.  

Crystalline Children are very unique in that they already have a Crystalline Energy System in place and activated. They know how to communicate through the Crystalline Energy Field (have you noticed how many more children display psychic, telepathic and empathic gifts?) and are very awake and aware of the current situation on planet Earth.  Crystallines also encounter many challenges as many of our systems and structures in society are still operating out of the Old Energy Paradigm, and so they need validation and support as they are here to show us how to navigate and co-create with the New Earth.

In this class you will learn how to develop your own Crystalline Energy System and learn tools and techniques via CCT and how to work with it. Doing so will bring a sense of well being and happiness within you AND all your family members. After taking this class you will be able to bring out each other's gifts and create a stronger container of support so that you and your children can thrive.

This class is going to teach you how to navigate through the quantum leap humanity is making right now with greater grace and ease and completely connected to your highest potential.

Heal, Transform and Manifest with the highest frequencies available on the planet now.


* A reconnection to your divinely human self

* Alignment to synchrony and harmonic resonance that is unique unto you

* Healing of core wounds, traumas, and energy blockages and be able to do that for others

* Accessing higher levels of information and vibration for healing and transformation for yourself and others



* What are the New Earth Energies and how that affects us now

* How to stand in energetic integrity and why that is important

​* What is the Crystalline Energy System and why you want to learn how to use it

* The Map of Transformation and how to navigate it

* The different Patterns of Transformation and identify which one you are

* How to set up high vibrational fields of protection, connection and harmony for yourself and others

* What is the Crystalline Energy Field and how it works

* The 6 step CCT healing protocol for self and others

* How to use muscle testing to receive guidance and answers

* How to use a CCT Circle Chart for transforming groups

* Advanced CCT techniques

* Who are the Crystalline Children and what makes them unique

*The unique senses, gifts and abilities of Crystalline Children

*What Crystalline Children need to thrive

* Your own family symbol

*Set up Crystalline Family Group fields for protection, connection, right timing, and harmony 

* Use Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers to address different behavioral challenges and/or symptoms

*Healing Groups in Schools (address bullying, teacher communication, enhance learning in school, and more)

* Synchronize to right timing and right orientation energetically

* Communicate telepathically and heighten intuition and connection

*Conscious Intent

*Work with Sacred Geometry Cards

*Work with the CCT Group Circle Chart

* Learn some fun techniques that will enhance your child's Crystalline Energy System



*The Crystalline Energy System Activation

* Three CCT Activations

*The Crystalline Family Activation

*Energy Healing Meditations

*The Crystalline Family "Receive the Gifts" Meditation

*The Divine I Am Meditation

*The Crystalline Family Manual

* Discovering the Map of Transformation Manual

*Sacred Geometry Card Deck

* 10 Group Circle Charts



Module 1:
Energetic Integrity
Receive a Crystalline Symbol
The Crystalline Energy System

Module 2: 
The Map of Transformation: Opening, Chaos and the 5 Sacred Geometric Healing Chambers, and Mastery


Module 3:
Patterns of Transformation
Master of Transformation

Module 4:
The electromagnetic energy field
The Crystalline Energy Field
Individual and Group Fields
The 23 Crystal Vibrations
The Crystalline Grids of the New Earth
The CCT Protocol
Advanced Techniques

Module 5:
Transformative Self Healing and the Self Healing Protocol


Module 6A:
The 5 Hand Positions
Muscle Testing
Conscious Intent/ Empowered Clients
Setting up Fields for Others 
Setting up Fields for Others in Healing

Module 6B:
Transformative Healing for Others
Transformative Healing in the New Earth Energies


Module 7:
Group CCT Protocol
Group Circle Chart
Clearing the Crystalline Energy System
Clearing the 3 Energy Streams
Clearing the 3 Brains

Module 8:
Professional Certification
CCT Practice Sessions
How to use the CCT website
Follow up Homework

DAY 5: 

Module1: Receive a Crystalline Family Symbol and learn how to set up fields

Module 2: Family Healing Time

Module 3: Crystalline Communication and Family Play Time

Module 4: Follow up for specific problems (individual one on one session schedule outside of class)




Cost of Class is $1008 for one parent, or $1800 for 2 ($200 savings!). 

*If you have already taken CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2 known as Discovering the Map of Transformation, you can audit the first two weekends for free and participate in the 5th day for $380 for one parent, or $560 for 2 parents.  Contact me for details in how to audit.

Yes! Put me on your waiting list and notify me about upcoming classes!

Thank you for your inquiry and I will respond to you ASAP!

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