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Transformative Self Healing

 Levels 1 & 2

In this online live class you will learn and experience the power of the basic CCT protocol for self-healing which includes learning the following:


- What are the New Earth Energies

- What is the Crystalline Energy System

- How to observe Energy

- Basic concepts of Energy and Vibration

- How to create Energetic Integrity for yourself

- Discuss the differences between the Electromagnetic Energy Field

and the Crystalline Energy Field

- How to create powerful intentions

- How to Muscle Test

- Advanced Techniques for setting up your fields

- The 3 Phases of Transformation

- The Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers used in CCT

- The CCT Transformative Self-Healing protocol. 

- Advanced Healing Processes



You will receive:

2 Energy Meditations

CCT Level 1 Healing Session

 Level 1 CCT Activation

Level 2 CCT Activation

The I AM Meditation

Level 1 and 2 Manual

Setting Up Your Fields Card

Cost of Class: $444


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