CCT Healing Meditations

Receive powerful downloads and healings in each of these Crystalline Consciousness Technique pre-recorded sessions.

Each recorded healing meditation contains powerful intentions pertaining to the subject matter presented and healing musical frequencies.

These meditations are powerful, so please be sure to take adequate self care after each session. Each of these downloads are available for purchase that you may listen to in your own time, as many times as you wish.  

Cost of each healing track: $10-$20

Activate Your Abundance

Successful Girl

* Release all negative personal interpretations around $ and Abundance.

Release Negative Emotional charges around $ and Abundance.

Release the need to experience a negative energetic spiral of adversity to learn about abundance.   Release all negative geometric configurations around $ held in the DNA passed down to you through your ancestors and /or biological family.  Heal any and all torn grids in your soul money blueprint that have happened in this life of past lives.

Release any inappropriate soul contracts you carry around $ and abundance.  Also release any inappropriate money contracts you have with others.

Release all negative karma  you carry due money and abundance, whether if its lack or excess. Heal any traumas in this life or past lives that has to do with not having enough or having too much money and abundance and the beliefs that were formed because of them. Anchor in a PGC of creativity, synchrony,  and clarity for manifesting abundance and wealth. Anchor in a PGC of Protection, Gratitude and Integrity for embodying right relationship to wealth and abundance. Anchor in a PGC of Serenity, Stillpoint, and Appreciation for experiencing the positive flow of abundance and wealth in life.

Anchor in a PGC of Empowerment, Mastery, and Service for expressing abundance and wealth in life. Activate the Golden Spiral of Transformation within your soul money blueprint. * Reconnect to IAM source – receive abundance and wealth now.

Cost: $20

Heal Your Creativity

Hand touching brain and network connect

* Clear and heal any blocks you have towards creativity.  Clear and heal any blocks you have towards your creativity coming from past lives. Clear and heal  any blocks you have towards your creativity coming from your ancestral lineage or family tree. Clear, heal, and the sexual creative energy center. Bring in Crystalline Inspiration with 1 Crystalline Emotion Healing Chamber. *Bring in Energetic Riverbanks for your Creativity. Align your creativity to your Soul Purpose and Earth. Align your creativity to the Golden Spiral of Transformation. * Infuse your creativity with Crystalline Light.

Cost: $10

Discover Your Child's Gifts

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

Deepen your connection and relationship to your child/children and discover their unique gifts and talents in order to fully support them on their life path in this guided healing meditation.

Cost: $10

Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Yoga meditation hands woman in yoga lotu

*  Clear, heal and balance the Root Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound “LAM”  *  Clear, heal, and balance the Sacral Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound VAM.  *  Clear, heal and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound “RAM”  *  Clear, heal and balance the Heart Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound “YAM”  *  Clear, heal and balance the Throat Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound  “HAM”.  *  Clear heal and balance the Third Eye Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of the sound “AUM”  *  Clear heal and balance the Crown Chakra.  Anchor in the pure crystalline frequency of  silence.

Cost: $10

Creating In Alignment with Earth

Foggy Forest

*  Connect to the Energetic Core of the New Earth.  *  Connect to the Crystalline Grids of the Planet with the energies of Love and Purity.  *  Heal and release any harm you have caused to the Gaia and all her Creatures in this life or past lives.  *  Heal and release any negative karma accumulated in past lives due to wrong relationship with the Gaia and all Her Creatures.  *  Establish a Co-Creative Relationship with Gaia.  Receive her gifts.  *  Bring healing to your physical vessel.  *  Align your Life Purpose here on Earth to the New Earth Energies.  *  Mastery over Celebration, Balance, Openness and Harmony in your relationship with the New Earth.

Cost: $10

Healing Your Ancestral Groups

Native Drums

*  CCT Energy Healing for your ancestral groups.   *  Heal the matertnal and paternal lineages.  *  Receive support and receive your ancestral gifts and skills that are in alignment with your Soul Purpose.  *  Release distorted energies

Cost: $10

Better Sleep

Woman Sleeping

*  Mastery over Deep Relaxation of Mind Body and Spirit.  *  Unwind the energies of the day.  *  Mastery over Deep Rest, Deep Regeneration and Rejuvenation.  *  Mastery over Healing and Assimilation.  *  Connect to your core column of light and to the Core of Gaia.  *  Balance all rhythms and cycles of the body.  *  Calibrate to the  rhythms and cycles of day and night.

Cost: $10

Strengthen Your Money Grids


*  Release any energetic distortions held within your Money Grid Systems and heal any torn grids.  *  Infuse your Money Grid Systems with Crystalline Light and Abundance.

*  Move your Money Grid Systems into the New Earth Paradigm.  Create a bridge of grace and ease for their transition.  *  Order and organize your Money Grid Systems for success, abundance, ease, and wealth.  *  Bring in new and pertinent information to update and apply to your Money Grid Systems.  *  Strengthen and stabilize your Money Grid Systems.

*  Create and receive multiple streams of income within your Money Grid Systems.

*  Align your Money Grid Systems to the Golden Spiral of Transformation.  

*  Master Abundance, Wealth, and Wealth Consciousness within your Money Grid Systems.

Cost: $10

Positive Self Esteem

Confident Woman

*  Strengthen your solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra energies and bring them into balance.  *  Fully receive and accept yourself as you are.  Release any negative beliefs or images of self that you carry whether they were created by you, or passed onto you from other people or systems.  *  Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in life.  There are no mistakes.  Only lessons.  *  Embrace and receive your spiritual gifts.  Release and heal from any trauma around expressing your gifts and having them be received.

*  Mastery over celebrating yourself.  *  Anchor in a positive geometric configuration of self love, self care, self compassion, self forgiveness, self confidence, self belonging, self healing, and self esteem with and Infinity Healing Chamber.  *  Increase your light quotient.

*  Mastery over Joy, Celebration, Stillpoint, Empowerment.


Receiving and Connecting to Your Intuition


*  Clear and release any energy blocks causing distortions in receiving your own clear intuition.  *  Clear, heal and release any traumas endured in this life or past lives for listening and following through with your intuition.  *  Release any and all thoughts or beliefs that are blocking your own intuition whether that is coming from family, religion, government, health regimens, relationships, corporations, media, gurus, spiritual teachers, healers, counselors, therapists, and education.  * Reconnect to your own inner wisdom sourced from the Divine.  *  Clear and heal your 3 brains – gut, heart and head brain to bring in strengthened intuition.  *  Clear and heal your connection to your core essence and Higher Self.  Protect your core essence and connection with your Higher Self with 1 Crystalline Emotion Healing Chambers.  *  Connect to the Heart of Gaia and your guides.  Remove any blocks to receiving information from Gaia and your guides.  *  Connect to the wisdom and intuition that you receive from your dreams.  *  Mastery over Trust, Connection, and Autonomy.

Cost: $10

Reconnect to the Love of the Natural World

Tree Stump

*  Heal and release any distortions or blocks from clearly experiencing and perceiving the wonder and mystery of the natural world.  *  Heal and release all traumas experienced from collective violence, aggression, and domination of the natural world.  *  Reconnect to the experience of innocence and belonging to the natural world.  *  Anchor in a positive geometric configuration of wonder, compassion, connection, and synergistic relationship with the natural world.  *  Receive deep wisdom from Nature.  

*  Experience wholeness within the natural world.  *  Mastery over Relationship, Wholeness, Humility, Mystery, and Love.  *  Resonance with all Kingdoms.  *  Connect to the fairy, gnome, deva and angelic realms.  *  Connect to the heart of Gaia herself.

*  Receive learning, intuition and information from Gaia and all her species.

*  Master Earth Stewardship.

Cost: $10

Organize and Optimize your Grid Systems for

Success and Abundance.


Let go and detach from any outdated grid systems that you are involved that no longer serve you. Heal and repair any torn grids that are in any of your current systems.  *  Transfer your grid systems into the New Earth Energies.  *  Infuse your grid systems with Crystalline Light.  Upgrade, reconfigure and reorganize your grid systems so that they are in alignment with your Soul Purpose.  Strengthen your grid systems so that they are supporting you on all levels.  *  Ask that any other grid systems that you are connected with  to be in support of  and contribute to your own grid systems.  *  Align your grid systems to the Golden Spiral of Transformation.  *  Bring in the energies of success, abundance, grace, ease, nourishment, support and flow into your grid systems.

Cost: $10

Reconnect to Source

Ray of Light

*  Release all energy chords, contracts, curses, and vows blocking your connection to Source.  *  Heal and clear all and any negative karma blocking your connection to Source.

Heal, clear and release any traumas you’ve experienced in this life or past lives that are blocking you from your connection to Source.  Clear and heal your connection to the Divine with 5 Creation Healing Chambers.  Clear and heal your connection to your own unique connection to Source with 3 Multidimensional Time Healing Chambers.

Clear and heal your connection to your Higher Self with 4 Crystalline Emotion Healing Chambers.  *  Reconnect to the Divine IAM with 1 Empowerment Healing Chamber, 2 Creation Healing Chambers, and 1 Multidimensional Time Healing Chamber.

Secure and Protect your Connection to Source with 3 Empowerment Healing Chambers, 5 Multidimensional Time Healing Chambers, and 2 Pure Essence Healing Chambers.  *  Receive Love, Joy, Light, and Peace from the Divine.

Bring Love into Your Relationship

Cost: $10


Release any codependency and projections with 1 Pure Essence Healing Chamber.

 *  Balance Transformational Patterns heal within the relationships with 5 Pure Essence Healing Chambers.  *  Synchronize Timing with 3 Mutli-dimensional Time Healing Chambers.  *  Receive and give appropriate support. Release any and all negative karma from past lives.  *  Move the relationship from Soul Tasks to Soul Purpose  *  Align the relationship to the Gold Spiral of Transformation.  Connect to the Beloved and Express the Beloved in your Relationship.  *  Mastery Over Love, Connection, Harmony, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

Cost: $10

Creating Clear Boundaries

Elegant Gardens

Release any energetic chords, vows, curses, or contracts from this life or past lives that no longer serve you with 2 Multidimensional Time Healing Chambers.  Release and heal from any negative past life trauma or karma where your boundaries were violated, or where you violated the boundaries of others.  *  Release any negative emotions or projections having to do with establishing or respecting boundaries.  Clear and heal all chakras thereby releasing any attachments whether energetic, mental, spiritual or from outside entities.  Reconnect to your core essence of light.  Strengthen your core essence of light with 3 Pure Essence Healing Chambers, 5 Creation Healing Chambers and 1 Crystalline Emotion Healing Chamber.  Clear and heal your sacral, heart and psychic energies.  *  Clear and heal your throat chakra and mandible so that you may speak your truth and establish boundaries with others clearly. Infuse your Crystalline Energy Field with Light, Love and Protection.

Cost: $10


Happy Children

Heal, Clear and release any blockages held within the heart.  *  Release negative geometric configurations and habits of complaining, worrying,  fretting, and judgement with an infinity healing chamber.  *  Anchor in a positive geometric configuration of joy, celebration, gratitude, and rest.  Shift your perspective on life and life’s situations to a positive outlook.  Express Gratitude through your thoughts, words and actions.

*  Master Feeling Gratitude toward the Divine and the Sacred.

Cost: $10