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Crystalline Animals Class

Woman on Galloping Horse
Farmer Holding Goat
Grey Cat

Are you having challenges with your animal companion?


Would you like to be able to learn  how to communicate with your animal?


Would you like to deepen you relationship with your animal companion?


Do you work with animals and would like to learn how to be in greater harmony with them? 


The Crystalline Animal CCT class is an excellent opportunity for you to learn and experience how to heal your animal companions AND yourself, as well as provide healing to other people and their animal companions.  


In this one day online class you will learn, experience and receive:


*Your Crystalline Animal Symbol and how to work with it to create quiet harmonic energy fields for you and your animals


* How to communicate with your animals via the Crystalline Energy Field


*Read signs from the Universe


* The CCT Protocol for healing animals


*How to clear the Crystalline Energy System


* How to easily introduce new animals companions into your herd/family  without conflict

* How to facilitate the end of life transition for your animals

*How to work with other humans and their animals for healing

* How to access information on what is needed for healing

* How to conduct a long distance healing session

*What is the Grand Cross and its significance

*Practice on your own animals

*The three phases for animals

*The elemental healing chambers and how to use them for healing

*Muscle testing for clarifying intuition

*Receive the Crystalline Animal Activation

*Crystalline Animal CCT Manual

*Sacred Geometry Card Deck

Class Fee is $250 for one pet parent/ $350 for 2 pet parents

Payment plans available

Must register a month in advance of class start date

*Class Prerequisite:  Discovering the Map of Transformation CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2

Yes!  Put me on your waiting list for upcoming classes!

Thank you and I look forward to responding to you ASAP!

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