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Children's Healing Sessions

Is your child struggling emotionally and/or physically?  Is your child exhibiting behaviors that are bewildering to you and you don't know how to address?  Are you wanting extra support with parenting?  Are you wanting to provide extra support for your child?

Children are highly sensitive and lack language to clearly express what may be troubling them and so as parent's we can get exhuasted and frustrated in our attempts to understand.

I have worked with children for over 20 years  I have a strong background in Waldorf education (as a Waldorf grades teacher) and Early Childhood Development (as an Early Childhood Lifeways Teacher).  I bring my expertise, intuition, and energy healing abilities to hear and hone in on what a child is struggling with.  With CCT and/or Reiki, I will assist them in healing or transforming what is needed at any given time.  I love working with children and families and can also offer advice and and suggestions for you as a parent to apply in raising your child.  I have worked with all ages of children from birth to teens.

These sessions are 90 minutes in length.  We will take time to thoroughly discuss what is happening, what you would like to see change and what your child is asking for.  The number of sessions needed depend on the child and the situation.  Sometimes it can take only one session, sometimes it can take more.  It's important to allow time for each session to be fully assimilated and integrated.  Through muscle testing we can determine how many sessions and what kind of sessions are needed. 

I invite you to schedule a free 15 minute consult to determine whether this is a fit for you.

One Hour Session: $120

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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