• Tania Gonzalez Ortega

The Golden Spiral of Transformation

One of the things I love most about Crystalline Consciousness Technique, is that the energy healing protocol embodies the Golden Spiral of Transformation itself.

The Golden Spiral is basically the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence if found within all of nature as well as within art. It is the pattern of beauty and growth. It is sacred geometry. When we witness something beautiful before us, we are gazing at the Golden Spiral. It resonates. It feels like harmony, coherence, love.

The Golden Spiral is also the map of transformation which is broken down into 3 phases: Opening, Chaos, and Mastery which I will define in this article. These three phases are also within nature - the grown of a seed, to sapling, to tree; a catepillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly; egg, to fetus, to human being. These three phases are also evident within our own personal growth, relationships, businesses, projects, etc.

In order to break down the three phases for you, I am going to use the analogy of redesigning a living room. In the opening phase, you get excited with the idea of remodeling our living room. Let's say you have been given a bunch of money, you have all kinds of ideas of how we want your living room to look. You look at magazines, talk to friends, create vision of what you want and how you want to feel in your living room. It is exciting - much like receiving a Christmas present and you are unwrapping the gift feeling full of expectations. The feelings are uplifting, inspired, excited. You can't wait to get started and you feel full of energy.

In CCT, Opening is the 1st phase in the healing protocol. In a CCT session, during Opening, your consciousness opens up to higher levels of consciousness that are available to you - which are unlimited! You step out of your own limiting beliefs and narrow perspective so that you can be open to receive what is necessary to download your intent in the most effective way in the highest possible outcome. When you book a CCT session with me, we dive right into why you booked the session. Maybe something isn't working in your life. Maybe you are experiencing conflict. Maybe you are dealing with a chronic health condition. You book a session because you know you would like your issues to resolve and step into wellness, freedom, and higher levels of expression. This is your intent - much like the intent in the paragraph above to have a more beautiful, comfortable living room that expresses who you feel you truly are - your aesthetic tastes and vibe.

The second step in the Golden Spiral of Transformation is Chaos. Chaos of course is a trigger word for most people - AND it's unavoidable. Anytime you want to learn something new, or change something in your life, or experience something you've never experienced before, in order to expand, you are going to experience chaos. So in the analogy of the living room, let's say you took the time to look through all the interior design catalogs, you've gone shopping for all the new furniture, you've ordered new light fixtures and new carpet, and have new colors of paint selected for the walls. Next comes the time for change. Your current living room is old and outdated (you still own your college days couch)- with dirty worn out carpet, cat scratched furniture, and walls that are just plain white with plenty of evidence that you've raised several small children and have owned several dogs. You're in a new phase in life where dingy, dirty and old just doesn't fit anymore and you want to be able to entertain your guests in an environment that feels clean and peaceful - a place where you can calmly drink your tea and read all your new books that you've ordered over the years but never had the time to do so.

The problem is though, as you start taking out the old furniture and ripped up the carpets, the furniture company has delivered the furniture a week early and there is no place to put it, but in the living room with all the other old furniture. They just plop it right down without giving a rat's ass as to where you want it. It's now overcrowded and now extremely difficult to get the furniture out. You now realize you can't do it alone and so you call on friends to help. It gets dusty and you're freaked out that the new furniture is going to get dinged up. You realize you are going to need to do this thing strategically so you gather your friends and come up with a plan of action. You realize EVERYTHING needs to get cleared out and that the first thing that needs to happen is to paint the walls, then install the carpet, move out the old, then install the new furniture. So with time and sincere effort and focus, everything gets done step by step. You bring in the new furniture and you realize that your original plan for the layout isn't going to work because perhaps your measurements were off - so the rearranging begins ten different ways. It's exhausting, frustrating, you sometimes forget to eat and you still have a 9-5 job to maintain. But somehow, the right people show up, the colors you picked were perfect, and things start to synchronize. Magically, eventually it all comes together.

So as you can see, when you bring in an intention into your life/being, the old needs to get booted out. Whatever blocks you have which can be in the form of negative beliefs, health challenges, outdated relationships, outdated vows and contracts, negative karma or negative geometric configurations (more on that one in future blog) need to be released and cleared. You may have an incredibly brilliant idea you want to manifest - for example lets say you want to create a coaching program for others to participate in, but you have hang ups and fears on being a leader. Guess what happens? It doesn't. Or if it does, it is a total flop and you get terrible reviews and folks want their money back. Or lets say it is a new love relationship you want to experience- but you have lingering issues on codependency so the next relationship you end up manifesting is not so successful and ends up being a train wreck.

The power of CCT in the phase of Chaos is that the sacred geometry healing chambers are brought into the session to clear out whatever is holding you back or not allowing what you want to manifest to manifest. The sacred geometry healing chambers bring in the energies of coherence. They are clear and resonate and your energy body responds. This is important because ENERGY IS EVERYTHING. Energy first, then form follows. If you want change, the energy has to be in place for it first. Sometimes that means that things need to shift - your living room needs to be updated and rearranged. This Chaos phase can be uncomfortable as old stuff lifts up and out. Things in your life begin to change to match your new vibration and in due time, I promise you arrive to Mastery.

So what is Mastery? This is the third phase of transformation. This is where your remodeled living room is complete. All the cardboard boxes and styrofoam peanuts have been taken to the garbage - along with the empty paint cans and drop cloths. The old furniture has been sold off or donated to the Good Will. The sun is shining through your window as you sit on your plush new leather couch, resting your feet upon your new coffee table while you sip your tea with your girlfriends and enjoy each other's company. Your new living room finally feels like an expression of the new you. You feel relaxed, at home and at peace. Your dream has come true.

In CCT, Mastery is all about arriving to a new level of consciousness. It is all about having that "Aha" moment. While you are going through opening and chaos, it's that experience moving through the stages of the caterpillar and chrysalis. When you arrive to Mastery, you have become the butterfly ready to spread your wings and fly. In a CCT Session, Mastery anchors the entire session into your core column of light so that it becomes fully emobodied within you. You know that you've arrived to mastery when your intention feels like it has either fully manifested, or feels embodied and you've received all the lessons you've needed to learn in order to upgrade. It feels like flow, wholeness and completion. But you can also get stuck in this phase. Perhaps you never update your living room ever again because you simply don't want to go through the learning curve again. It is essential that in order to become a Master of Transformation, you need to be able to move fluidly through all three phases.

So as you can see, these three phases can apply to literally anything an everything. mThe fun part is you can discern for yourself which aspects of you are in any particular phase. For example, perhaps your love relationship is still in that gushy phase where you're just in that newness of romance and you can't keep your hands off each other which means your relationship is in Opening. But let's say your divorce still isn't finalized so that apsect is still in complete Chaos. But thankfully, after many months of hard work, you've arrived to Mastery in your new book project because your it has made the New York Best Seller's List. So really, any part of your life could be in any phase at any time. Take the time to look at your projects, your relationships, what you have mastered and not mastered yet. Tuning into the different phases can be a way to download intuition and/or information to take you to the next step.

What is even more fun is to figure out which is your Transformational Pattern. You could be an Opening/Starter, Chaos/Creative, Mastery/Exceller or a combination of any three. Go here to take a test to find out what you are:

If you are READY to become a Master of Transformation, check out my classes and learn how to use CCT to master all the phases of transformation and become a total rock star in all aspects and expressions of your life: Move through your life with greater ease, flow and discernment to experience success and fulfillment!