The Divine Feminine Way of Healing

I've been on the path of self discovery and healing for a very long time. I consciously began walking this path in my early twenties, mainly through Yoga and Meditation.

I fell in love with Yoga. My body opened up in ways unimaginable. I transformed at the cellular level.

I lived at the Sivananda Yoga ashram for 2 years. And although they worshipped the Divine Feminine in the form of Lakshmi and Durga quite often, their approach to yoga was very masculine.

There was a lot of forcing going on. Highly regimented schedules you had to adhere to. Long work days. Early rise, late to bed. Long to do lists, and you certainly could not get creative in your yoga classes if you were teaching there. You had to adhere to the strict rules and methods for doing things, which were everywhere. It taught me a lot about discipline and riverbanks, but really nothing about tuning into you body and allowing things to organically unfold. It was kind of like being in a military school for yogis. There was no sense of flow. At least for me.

I would say that this approach also occurs in other therapies. I find that most psychotherapies are aimed at fixing something. Putting you on pills if you're seeing a psychiatrist. Getting in your story and using all kind of tools to shift you out of your depression and/or anger. In my path with depression I had to record my thoughts and consciously choose new ones. I worked on changing my diet and tried to exercise and do tai chi. I journaled. I meditated. I kept doing doing doing. I kept searching and searching. Trying this. Trying that.

Nothing changed.

Until I chose surrender.

I chose to give it all over to God. Source. Creator. That.

And that is when everything changed dramatically in a VERY short time. In my transformation I even heard a female voice speak to me when I felt my soul return. It's a long story, which I have shared before, but I was really amazed to hear a sweet, gentle, feminine voice speak to me from the heavenly realms. No big dude talking to me from above.

So now let's fast forward to CCT.

After my miraculous healing with depression, I still had ingrained in me that masculine approach to life. I couldn't help it. Isn't it how we are all raised? To be goal oriented? Always striving for more? Trying to be better, be more? I still approached problems with to do lists - actions that I could take to improve whatever situation I found myself in. I always had a tendency to go into my head, conjure up strategic plans, and tackle things head on. I always approached situations with the overall intention of "overcoming". I still was a human doing instead of a human being.

Even after years of practicing CCT and loving this modality and feeling it's positive impact on my life, I have only until really recently realized that CCT is very much connected to the Divine Feminine.

Which makes total sense because we are entering the age of the return to the Divine Feminine. We have come to recognize at a collective level that we have allowed the Masculine to override and dominate all aspects of life - our educational system, agricultural system, politics, economics, etc. You name it. We have been exponentially waging war, which is an IMBALANCE of the masculine and has nothing to do with the Divine Masculine by the way.

In my teacher training I would hear constantly from gia combs-ramirez, the founder of CCT, say "LET CCT DO THE WORK!!!" But even then, when I would do sessions on myself or charts for myself, my masculine side could never wait for the transformation. Before assimilating I would go onto the next chart, or I would simply doubt that anything happened. I was always wanting to charge forward.

So very masculine of me.

Once I decided to become a CCT teacher and promote my classes, sessions, and products online via social media I had to learn a lot about marketing, which again (you guessed it) is dominated by the masculine. I would post and post and post. Doing doing doing. Creating a multitude of charts. When I wouldn't see results, I would think to myself that I just needed to do more.

Oh my God, I wish somebody had stopped me.

I spoke with a close CCT teacher friend of mine. I asked him how his business came to be so successful. I asked him, how did he build it? "Do you market on social media? How often do you post? What stragegy do you use?" He proceeded to tell me that he really doesn't do much at all. He just relies on CCT to create a strong grid system for his business, and most of his students and clients are through personal references - word of mouth. He told me he prefers the feminine approach because it is so much easier and way more fun. He also proceeded to tell me that he almost made 6 figures last year.

Say whaaaaat?????

Ok now I was paying close attention.

Now I will say it didn't happen for him overnight. He is one of the most meticulous and focused people I know, but he really trusts for CCT to do the work. That message finally landed for me.

I chose to fully (and I mean FULLY) surrender to CCT.

I decided to go back to the drawing board with my intent to keep it easy and to manifest abundance, ease and growth in the FEMININE way. I made new charts, I posted them to my fridge and I simply tune into them everyday - just by looking at them, touching them, just being with them. But definitely not DOING anything except just letting myself stay in my inspiration.

I am seeing the charts working already. Students are signing up, clients are booking sessions.

I haven't changed anything with my marketing. What is changing is my energy.

I also did a chart for my relationship with my husband asking to balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within the relationship and within each individual. And wow! I am feeling the shifts. Shortly after doing the chart I gave him a hug standing in the kitchen, and I could feel this wonderful synergy and harmony between our energies. It was so yummy. The perfection of yin and yang.

So what I want to communicate here is that with CCT (what I teach and the sessions I give) is that for you to really receive the amazingness of CCT is that you have to let CCT do the work. You simply receive. You surrender. You listen. You observe. You simply rest in being.

Now doesn't that sound lovely??? There's no to do list after receiving a CCT session or receiving chart work. How freaking refreshing in a world that is wayyyyy too dominated with the noise of doing.

The Divine Feminine is rising to not only bring the feminine into a place of light, but to also bring balance back to the Divine Masculine. CCT is all about allowing....allowing whatever shifts need to happen to happen, allowing the energies to respond in working with your own intentions...whatever they may be.

I must say, I am excited. And I am excited to share these insights with you.

CCT can absolutely connect with the Divine Feminine way of being, transforming, healing and manifesting.

If you'd like to experience CCT, I recommend any of the mp3 energy healing meditations that I have on my website, or ever better - book a one on one session or look into signing up for one of my classes. Simply go to

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