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New Earth Families - Hope for our Future

Updated: Apr 15

My family is a "blended" family, like so many other families - my first child was with a different father, my second child I had with my current husband.

Like so many families that have to deal with step-parent dynamics, my husband and I struggled. We wanted blissful family harmony and thought we had the ability to create it (because we are awesome! duh!), when the reality was, we had no idea what we were doing. Even though my husband entered our lives when my first born when he was 3 years old, my son struggled against wanting to accept my husband as the new father figure. My son's birth father was not very present, and often times communicated confusing values that didn't match with the values my husband and I carried. It created a lot of confusion for my first born. As he grew into adolescence, the behavioral issues surmounted - calls from the principal, detention, storming out of the house, constant rebellion. He felt like an outsider, the third wheel since my husband and I had created our own child - his younger half brother. There was jealousy. There was unexpressed grief. There was rage.

My husband and I struggled to be on the same page. He valued strict boundaries and "respect of authority". I was more lenient and often gave in too easily because of my own single mother guilt. My son knew how to take advantage of our differing values to pit us against each other to get what he wanted. No one was seen or heard. I had my Waldorf education background (so enlightened, right?) and years of experience working with children. My husband had grown up with the hard working farm ethic of his grandparents - if it's not hard work, it's not worthy doing. Ultimately, my son was not being seen. It was kind of shit show. We had good moments at times, but we also had many bad ones. And when they were bad, they were REALLY bad.

My oldest son is a crystalline. So is my youngest. They need to be seen and valued for the fact that they are here on the planet for a higher purpose - their own unique purpose. They come with powerful gifts, and if not nurtured, those gifts can work against them. My oldest has the strong gift of being able to energy read people and can smell someone a mile away when they are out of integrity, which is why school was so hard. He just wasn't willing to submit his autonomy to teachers he just could not respect. Hypocrisy boiled his blood. ("Do as I say, not as I do" was NOT working for him). And for me, I just wanted him to stop "getting in trouble"! I wasn't acknowledging and seeing his innate gift for leadership - of being able to call bullshit when he saw it. I knew he was a passionate being with a lot of energy, but I didn't know how to help him channel it. So of course, it spilled out all over the place in distorted ways. I had no way to teach him how to use this gift because I, myself, had not yet worked through my own shadows of avoiding confrontation, silencing my own voice, and being a people pleaser. My son was venturing into new landscapes I did not know how to help him navigate, and so he was greatly misunderstood and alone.

So this is where Crystalline Consciousness Technique comes in. With this powerful energy healing modality, I learned how to work with energy. I learned how to release distortions in myself and my family. With CCT I was able to release negative family patterns that have been passed down through the generations and finally put a stop to allowing the dysfunction to continue. I learned how to stop projecting my fears onto my son, and choose to see his greatness. My husband and I were able to "be on the same page" with our parenting and with boundaries. With CCT I was able to manifest a fantastic counselor that helped my husband and I to use better communication skills (The Nurtured Heart Approach).

I witnessed the relationship between my husband and my son completely change. I remember when my whole body used to tighten and brace itself for angry and confrontational energy any time I saw the two of them be in the same room. (And when it happened, I experienced it as physical pain in my body). I was always fearing a negative exchange, because they happened so often - yelling, name calling, slamming doors, breaking doors. It broke my heart every time. It was truly horrible and at times I thought I had made a terrible decision to remarry. But by continuously applying CCT faithfully, things shifted quickly. The conversations between my husband and my son turned into real conversations where there was connection, clarity and communication. There is now mutual respect and gratitude for each other. They are now on the same team! (Tears of joy!!!)

I watched my son go from resisting responsibility, lashing out against having to do chores of any kind, to embracing his responsibilities (we live on a farm and so there's so much work to be done) and doing them without having to remind him or even ask. He stopped slamming doors, stopped cursing us, or refusing to come home. He now shows genuine kindness and respect to everyone around him. He shows genuine affection for all of us (my husband, my youngest son, and myself). He communicates clearly about his comings and goings. He shares and shows his heart. I have arrived to a complete place of trust whereas before there was none.

And all of this happened because WE ALL CHANGED! It had to start with my husband and I. We had to look at our blind spots, work on our own wounds and fears. We had to see my son for who he genuinely is, not for what we want him to be. We had to step into the New Earth Energy Paradigm. The energy patterns shifted, and the experience can really be akin to just simply wiping the mirror clean to see the reflection more clearly. Once my husband and I shifted, (we let go of the idea of the illusion of control, and released our projections), my son then was able to trust us again. He wanted to see us in energetic integrity. My son's heart felt safe to open and be vulnerable, and therefore rediscover belonging within our family unit.

Energetic is integrity is huge, and crystalline children in general have eagle eyes (or the noses of bloodhounds!) to detect when someone is in or out of energetic integrity. CCT teaches you how to be in energetic integrity.

AND there are so many extra tools and techniques within CCT. My son loves to receive CCT sessions, and being a teenager I feel like that is a testimony in it of itself for CCT. Crystalline children know energy. They feel it, and I believe that's why they love receiving it. I have watched CCT create calmer and more centered energy for him, as well as the rest of my family. When I notice that my children are out of whack (and CCT teaches you how to watch for the signs when their energy is off), I feel empowered that I can use CCT to help them come back to their wonderful and amazing selves.

I invite you, dear reader, to sign up for my upcoming New Earth Families online webinar training which begins August 22 and spans over 2 weekends and a day. If you are ready to finally have tools and techniques to create the family you have always envisioned for yourself and loved ones, now is the time. I am sure many of you have experienced the gift of the pandemic which is having lots more family time, slowing down, and reconnecting - so why not continue even deeper into that? I want to encourage you to believe that things don't have to go back "the way they were" - always rushing around, worn out, no time for your children, on the hamster wheel. I want to call out those who want to help bring in the New Earth Paradigm for families - connection, harmony, balance, authenticity, support, nurturing , and most importantly to recognize and support the unique gifts your children have to share with humanity and the earth. We need them! I know without a doubt, they carry the solutions to this world's problems. They need us to be the best version of ourselves and they need our strong support. Let's not let them down! There is so much possible, and when our families are happy, healthy and strong, our culture can experience a rebirth into the light.

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Love to you all, Tania

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