Deep Dive Sessions

It is time to deep dive.  Collectively.  Radically transform ourselves and our world.




These weekly group healing sessions will be held live via zoom and recorded every Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST and are designed  to assist each of us to reconnect to our inner ocean...

To the watery depths where transformation happens. The place of silent wisdom. The place where we go to connect to inner peace and the divine mystery of our being.

We are collectively moving towards a New Earth.

Now more than ever, we must embody our truth, dance to the music our heart desires, listen to the silent whispering of our soul, remove the veils of separation and reconnect to our North Star.

Give the gift to yourself and humanity by saying yes to your own radical transformation....


Say yes to your butterfly wings and break free from the chrysalis.

Discover the gifts of your Crystalline Self.

Let’s birth the New Earth together.

Monthly subscription is on a donation/pay what you can basis and recorded sessions will be sent to your email.

To join, click here:

You can cancel at any time.