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Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

Taking it to the Next Level...

You have taken Discovering  the Map of Transformation and have mastered the self healing protocol as well as working on others.  You've also been introduced to the Group Circle chart and have done some CCT work with groups.

And now, you are ready to go deeper.


Arising to Crystalline Consciousness is a class designed to fully integrate Crystalline Consciousness into your being.  This class unlocks the next 4 CCT Soul Charts (Infinity Chart, Flower of Life Chart, Fruit of Life Chart, and Tree of Life Chart) for you and how to use them in a variety of ways as well as new ways on how to use the Group Circle Chart.

You will learn the advanced way of setting up individual and group crystalline energy fields and advanced intentions.  

You will receive access to the Advanced Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers (Dual Healing Chambers, Infinity, and Vector Equilibrium) and what they do as well as learn how to use the Advanced Healing Protocol.

You'll receive and work with the CCT divination cards and apply them to the Soul Chart work.


You'll receive 3 meditations that will anchor in Crystalline Consciousness as well as 2 Activations.

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