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Reignite Your Life

You are ready for the work

You realize there is nothing to lose

To fiercely dive into your shadows

And bring them into the Light of Love

Reclaim your Brilliance....

To All Women Over 40...

How would you like to radically change how you experience life

and your relationship with yourself?  

Be held, nourished and receive powerful energy healing?

Realize your divinity, connect with your spirit, express your life through your soul's deep desires?


You've been carrying everyone else's problems, constantly trying to please everyone, saying yes to things that don't light you up.  You've spent decades serving others - your partner, your children, your family.  You're feeling drained, lost and scattered.  You are waking up and wondering how you got here, realizing that you were meant for more.

You've been putting yourself last for far too long.  You tired of being stuck in a rut.

You are meant to feel alive, in your joy, and creating a life that feels completely nourishing to you.  You are ready to discover who you really are.  You are ready to fall in love with yourself and radiate your core essence.

It is time to release these chronically stuck patterns and transform into a woman who leads herself, reclaims her joy, and stands in her own purpose and energy.

What we will explore in our 1-1 Constellations work:

* Heal your matriarchal lineage

* Heal you patriarchal lineage

*  Heal your connection to your Higher Self

* Heal your relationship with your Inner Child

* Reconnect to your Intuition

* Reconnect to your Divine Feminine

* Reconnect to your Divine Masculine

* Release Shame and Guilt

* Heal your relationship with your physical body

* Heal your heart and emotional body

* Heal your relationship with money

* Reconnect to your Soul Blueprint and your Purpose

*  Unlock your gifts

* Open yourself to receiving

* Connect to your vision/dream life 

* Download the steps to manifesting your vision

* Learn the Vimala handwriting alphabet for bringing out your inherent positive soul qualities.

Receive 13 one on one sessions every two weeks. (6 month program) 

Your life will radically transform.

Click below to apply and receive a free 1-1 break through call.

Cost: $1,997

Click below 

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